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    It's good to be back.

    It's good to be back.
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    Welcome Back

    The dark style was added.
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    Welcome Back

    I had some health issues that I was dealing with so I closed the site. Those issues are behind me and I now have more time and energy to work on the site. As you can see I have re-opened 450rHQ and also upgraded it to the newest version of software. I had been away so long that a complete new...
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    New guy from Ohio

    Welcome top the site. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.
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    Sponsors Forums Closed and Other Info

    I have closed the sponsors forum. This section of the site served no purpose. If any of the sponsors want to pay a fee per month for a dedicated forum then I will look into opening that section again. I will be removing the shoutbox from the site. It is a resource hog and not worth having.
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    05 transmission

    I'm guessing something in the trans broke causing the chain to bind and break. I would tear it down and take a look.
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    from what is this cam

    Welcome to the site. One of the guys that will know will get here to reply.
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    hey new member

    Howdy and welcome to the community.
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    hillary clinton

    This is great.
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    Its ALIVE !! Ready for Vegas to Reno

    Sounds like it's ready.
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    New mx guy from the org

    Welcome to the community.
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    Cold as hell here today.

    Cold as hell here today.
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    Update and Info

    I will be upgrading the site to the newest version of software. I have let the site slip and as of now we are 2 major versions behind. Along with the upgrade I will be installing a new style. The old style will more than likely not work so I have plan B in place if it doesn't. Work will start...
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    New member from Tx.

    Howdy and welcome to the community.
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    New guy from Phoenix AZ

    Hello and welcome to the community.