the friggin caliper stay wont come off! bearing carrier is stuck?

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mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
Ok, some of you know i'm in the process of waiting for my bearing carrier in the mail and i'm in the process trying to remove my carrier. The friggin stay wont come off! Once i took the rotors off, here's what i came to after taking the circlip off. I dont know how the clip stayed on!

York racing advised me to clip way the lip where the cir clip was and then try hammer off the stay.

brb after i try that advise


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
If you do, please list them. Thank you!

I have a LSR carrier and Houser stem in the mail as of right now. :) also am about to mail in my shocks for revalves and re spring! What should i order while I'm waiting for the carrier? Got a list here of what i have in mind

- need grease to put on the axle+carrier, not sure which grease to get. any suggestions?
- circlip , mine's pretty beat.
- This is my first installation and never worked on rear end before. So i only ordered the carrier and already bought a new axle to be on the safe side but surprisingly the axle was fine. Was there anything else small/big that i will need? I'm pretty sure I'll have to get a new dust seal and orings.. please mark me wrong if i am. I thought the carrier would have its own dust seal?
- are UPP and Moose case savers really the same thing? I need a new case saver, getting rid of the stock one.
- oil filters (been ordering tusk off rmatv)


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Apr 11, 2012
High temp, High Speed grease.. Water resistant is good also....Dont be shy using the grease either... Dont screw up the big nuts(forgot the proper name) with that pipe wrench.. those arent cheap... Get the proper tools for those.. Pipe wrenches can destroy those in no time..


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Apr 28, 2012
I would try chipping the edges off too... I'm sure it's mushroomed and keeping the stay on it.

You're carrier should come with seals so you should have it all covered.. As long as that stay doesn't break while coming off. Grease is pretty much grease, you can grab a tube or tub at any auto parts store.

How's your chain and sprockets look? I've had good luck with the primal drive gold chain and steel sprockets from


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
i'm all set with the nut on the axle, at first i was tightening it, didn't realize it was reversed thread until i tried the other way. lol

aight i'll buy a new c clip. york racing showed me a decent site for some OEM parts for a considerable cost.


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
I havnt checked my chain thoroughly yet. It had a great tension on the sprockets the last time i checked. I will be diping the chain in gas and use a brush on it. It should clean off most the gunk and waxy lube. the front sprocket looks good but the rear seems to have quite a bit of wear and tear. Also I did not replace the rear sprocket when i changed the front. The chain and sprockets i have now are RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain and think 12t Supersprox Front Sprocket. Think i want to try a different size for the rear and see how it rides on the trails and sand / gravel pits.




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Apr 12, 2012
A good rule of thumb, if you replace the chain, replace the sprockets at the same time, otherwise a worn sprocket will cause the chain to wear prematurely. I use marine grease on my carrier. Just did this job a couple months ago, i was able to salvage my stock carrier and just put new bearings in it. Also, on an o ring chain you might be better off using kerosene or just regular WD-40 to soak the chain in. Gasoline has a tendency to eat through seals.


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
I was thinking about changing the rear sprocket only. The chain seems to be in good shape, just need some good cleaning. My stock gearing is 13/38 right? Well i have 12 instead of 13 because i wanted to get some bottom end for technical trails. I kind of want to try different sizes for either front and rear, any suggestions on this? keep it?


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Apr 16, 2012
Dont screw up the big nuts(forgot the proper name) with that pipe wrench.. those arent cheap... Get the proper tools for those.. Pipe wrenches can destroy those in no time..
. I completely agree with that. I bought the proper tools for I think $15 from rocky mountain atv before I was a member of this site or the org. Ask the site sponsors they might have a deal on them. I use marine grease too and haven't had a problem with it. Good luck