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mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012

My battery needs replacing and i saw one on RMATV <-click. Any one using this? Have a suggestion for a better option?

So while i'm in the market for a battery. i came across to dirtworks 24v dual battery system. Does any one have this? Is it really dual battery lol or replaces the current stock honda battery setup? If it does replaces the current set up/location for stock honda set up, that would be fantastic.

Please share any inputs about your current system or ideal mods. I'd like to hear about it! It might help me make a better choice for my scenario.


Lifetime Member
Apr 17, 2012
Your gonna need a special charger for those if I recall. I heard alot of people bitching about those on Quadzone. They claim it starts like shit when its cold out. Not saying any of that is true, just what I read. If your in the market for a battery, I would suggest just a sealed AGM battery. Bikemaster TruGel run really cheap( 60-75 bucks). I have ran them for 3 seasons with no issues.
I never ran a Dirtworks 24v kit in my Honda's, but I have one on each of my KTM's. The Honda 24v starting kit mounts on the rear of the subframe. Your gonna have to cut out your plastic tool pouch area for the 24v kit. Thats where it mounts. If you want fast starts, thats the way to go with the ER Honda's.

Whatever battery you get, make damn sure you bump charge it FIRST before installing ;)


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
Thanks airmobile! Yeah i should note that extreme temperature is a problem here. bikemaster tru gel seems to be a good option - relatively cheap! Although i've read many mixed reviews on them and i'm glad you mentioned about this battery from experience. I'm adding this to my cart on RMATV and it'll save me a little dough.

Do you use a trickle charger? If so, how often do you leave it on the battery?

Thanks again!


Lifetime Member
Apr 17, 2012
I actually have my KTM in the basement right now. I just started it yesterday. Started with no issue after sitting a month down there. I have 4 total batteries in the garage right now. I have one charger that I just rotate them every other day.

Now......... That KTM I'm building is gonna run Bikemaster PLATINUM II AGM batteries. I scored two of those on black friday for 33 bucks a piece @ Bike Bandit!!! Don't know if they are junk or They are Honda I think............. Part number MS12-7ZS

Immortal ATV

Active Member
Apr 16, 2012
I switched to a Shorai and will NEVER go back to anything else. Smaller, lighter, never dies, it's been great so far, 6 months.....

El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
i got 2 AGM batts that ImmortalATV got me and love them.. i run the 24V from Dirtworks and simply love it.. check out my build thread and you can see how it goes and the great termination..