My Ice Tire Story

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camo fox

Active Member
Apr 13, 2012
that's what I don't want to part it out. It's a very time consuming process, and people just don't come through a lot of the time. I will give it a month, and if it's not sold as it sits I will take the engine out of it and start tearing into it. It's been a hell of a 48 hours for me. Everything from finding problems with my credit report (that shouldn't be on there) to my R motor to the tires on my truck suddenly blowing..

I'm hoping there isn't too much other damage. That sucks about the carrier bearings. I want to put a regreasable carrier in mine if I keep it.


Staff member
Apr 28, 2012
Its a greasable one... This isn't the first time I've genaded one on the ice. I'd be willing to bet it has to do with going from ice cold and warming up to fast. Not really a big deal, not to expensive and about 45min worth of work..

Hopefully it only comes in 3's for you and your done... I know that feeling tho when its one thing after another coming from every angle. Fix the tires so you're mobile again, worry about your credit next week and take care of the quad when things slow down. All that stuff is just a pain in the ass, at least no one is sick or hurt.

camo fox

Active Member
Apr 13, 2012
yeah it's nothing major, just inconveniences really.

As far as the carrier goes, that'd be my guess. Bearings don't like temperatures changing rapidly .. lol