450r HQ Internet Explorer 10 Issues

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Dec 29, 2012
It has come to my attention that users that use Internet Explorer 10 can not post on this forum due to a bug in the forum software. The software maker vbulletin is aware of the problem, but, don't seem to be in a hurry to fix it. Since IE 10 is now the default browser for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 I have no choice except to change forum software. I have tried various fixes and nothing works.

Over the course of the next 2 weekends I will be doing test migrations to a new system. Once I am sure everything can be converted over I will proceed with the change. If there are some features that can not be converted I will archive the data until those features are added. I will start a thread to let everyone know the progress and what features if any are no longer available.