CJMs 2013 Build

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Truck Yea
Jan 5, 2013
Lol no pics (who has time for that?) but I have done/planned the following:

-Sent shocks to JH racing for revavle and respring. Going to be using GTT mx link. XC link is to dang soft imho and wont respond well to jumps from what I have gathered and JH agreed.

-Had a set of houser arms, turned out to be for an 06. Not swapping to the crappy spindles so I decided to go all out. JD performance max ground clearance +1's with needle bearing upgrade

-Have an FCR Im RnR'ing to go on sooner or later

-Need to swap out one of my front wheels. Its taco'd decently and makes it hard to set camber. Have an extra set laying around. Beadlocks one day.

-My clutch is meh, worn out imho b/c it has poor adjust-ability vs other stuff I rode around. Id say its time for a CRF kit probably. Without the judder springs it kinda grabs funny IDK. I really hope I dont need another basket, it sucks cause the cover literally has 1/8 too little clearance ot yank it.

-Bought a stator cover, I stripped out and retapped the short bolt for the oil filter but just incase. Cant complain its mint off ebay for $50

-Have some rigid duallys I got for a song. Need to wire them in somehow (thinking off some sorta axillary power, maybe tap it off the lowbeams since it isnt to much more wattage). Not sure if I want to put only one or both lights on, bit tight for both

-Wanted to coat the frame, dont wanna take it all the way down right now. Maybe next year

-Wanna do the stem, thinking Ill send it to JD for +1.

-Tried a dyntek non programmable ign, it sucked. Rev limiter hit way to quick and kick back like crazy. Also kept making me stall alot for some reason. Think it messed with timing slightly. Went back to stock, no issues.

-Debating if I can trim my case caver down enough to fit a 15T sprocket. 1, 2, 3 are all a little short even with a 20" tire and 14/36 setup. I have plenty of torque.

Bout it really.