What mods and what jetting are you running?

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Apr 24, 2012
Year: 04
Pilot: 50
Needle: HRC 3rd Clip
Main: 175
Fuel Screw: Stock @ 1.5 Out
Leak Jet: N/A

Intake: Dasa Billet with K&N Branded Filter and K&N Outerwear
Exhaust: Dasa Full Classic with quiet core
Cams: Only one, and it's stock
Piston: Stock
Porting: Whatever changes the dust has made over the years
Bore: Stock


Active Member
Apr 8, 2012
Year: 2006 450er
Pilot: 45
Needle: HRC needle (NGPR)3rd clip
Main: 162
Fuel Screw: Tusk Fuel Screw 1.5 turns out
Leak Jet: Plugged

Intake: Stock 06+ boot, K&N with outerwears
Exhaust: Full Rossier
Cams: HRC Cam
Piston: Stock
Porting: None
Bore: Stock