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Thrown Stones
May 1, 2012
site has all kinds of issues. getting server problem on all computers, not sure if this is some attempt to IP ban me, which you should all know by now is impossible. Or if it's something else. It needs to be reviewed though. Everything works fine on my cell phone but on any desktop computer regardless of IP i get the error message 503 temporarily unavailable.
I'm glad it's not just me.

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Site Owner
Staff member
Dec 29, 2012
Just a note for anyone wanting to know why certain people see a error. If you visit using any proxy chances are you'll see the error. I have server level protection that blocks just about all TOR proxies as well as many others. If you visit with a normal connection you'll never get this error. As you can see there is a person that can't access the site from work. Reason is, while he is using a legitimate proxy set up by the IT person, the server still see's it as a proxy and therefor throws up an error.

So if you're getting a 503 error then drop the proxy and connect without it. There are legitimate proxies used by some ISP's. Those should not be a problem.


Truck Yea
Jan 5, 2013
Crosses fingers..no 403 or 503 or banned message.......

Oh thank god. I kept having issues and got blank pages with 503 errors.


Active Member
Apr 9, 2012
Tapatalk on my phone works fine. Home computer works fine. Work computer 503 error. IT guys at work says it could be our firewall protecting. Never the less, it is something on your end that is initiating the problem.

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Yeh it's the forum end.. I was getting the exact same thing. Burke checked my "permissions" and altered a few things now it's all ok..

Edit: Sorry AWS didn't see your reply.. hopefully it's working for everyone..