The BEST Case Saver to get for your TRX450R

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If you own a TRX450R or TRX450ER you need to save your cases. Many people get suckered in to the billet case savers or think the stock case saver is adequate. Truth is in many cases if you lose a chain it will take out your cases costly you hundreds or even more in repair which to be done correctly is replacement.

You need to pick up either a UPP case saver or a MOOSE Case saver which is the brand pictured below. The case saver wraps around your shift shaft as well as fitting in to the nooks and crevices of you case making it absorb a LOT more impact.



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Apr 9, 2012
X2 i got mine straight from UPP.. i don't know why but a few weeks later they sent me another. It was on Moose packaging like above. By far the best.. Do need to mod it slightly for 14t front.. But only takes a few mins. Still pretty damn sturdy too!
I thought a metal one would protect more? But Im a n00b what do I know...:D
The metal case saver mounts in just a couple points. So the impact of a broken chain puts a ton more pressure in the mounting bosses then if it form fitted to the case. Because of this the bosses often break taking out the two left side cases. the left inner and outer cases. The poly case savers fit in all the nooks and crannies and absorb much more of the impact often saving your cases in the event of the chain breaking.

the pretty ones are great for looks.

the poly savers are great for actually saving the case.




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Apr 12, 2012
where at Junk? My 450 still has the stock one, if you guys don't think that's adequite i'll be purchasing a new one. Also, with the stock 05 sprocket setup which is 14/38 will most of these bolt right on or do they need modding like a previous post mentioned.