Zorros Racing taking on the Tecate Score Baja 500, 2014

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Jun 27, 2013
Mamito, I was planning on getting an extinguisher. But if you're going to get those I will not worry about. I think that it's a great idea to have them on board. I have never heard of that kind.
Also, As far as the hydration pack, Wal-Mart has one on sale for $20.00. It's a 2 liter and has for other compartments. I am think it will be great for packing the radio too. I was wanting the one that Chris got but when I saw this one I could not pass it up for half the price.
I am down close to 180lbs (lost 32lbs) so I hope your suspension will work well for me. What weight is it going to be set for??

El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
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Apr 11, 2012
Send me some pics of it. Sounds nice...

The susspension will be set up for 200 lbs since i think thats the middle average weigth for all.. im like 185-190 full gear
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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
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Apr 11, 2012
here some good links guys for all to read and enjoy..


were crossing the border at

and then drive in the wine country road to:
also on the course will go by


and if we have time ill take you guys to
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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
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Apr 11, 2012
just ordered

to avoid any unnecessary issues... ;)

-heavy duty plus 2" tie rods for all years Honda TRX450R.
-These are 15" tie rods
-These tie rods are 4130 solid chromoly steel, 9/16” in diameter.


El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
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Apr 11, 2012
ok HQ community we just got sponsored by PNP Suplements...thanks to Mawest(member here)..
this are the 3 supplements that the company recommended us to endure and survive the Baja 500

To cover your carbohydrates during racing and refuel after your race/pre-run

Glyco-Muscle Fueler
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Cardio Surge Energy
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The next supplement is Recover Surge, which is going to help you guys after your pre-run to prep for the next day’s race. You should/can also take some after your actual race for better recovery. The last supplement Whey-Pro 5. When you race as long as you guys are going to, it is a good idea to get some protein in you to help to reduce muscle break down. Protein also offers a slower source of energy, which is beneficial during long races.

Recover Surge
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Whey-Pro 5
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any questions about the products , please contact mawest here or my self


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Jun 10, 2013
that's pretty cheap. Im gunna try make on at work first and if I don't like it Ill get a pre made one. My key is just hangin out under the hood right now lol


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Apr 10, 2012
OOOO look at that shocks porn! haha man that's great.

Now that i'm done with college , I absolutely cannot wait for next year! That's when i can join the fun and meet you in person.