The science behind PROPERLY mount and aiming lights

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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
ok guys im bringing this in since even I get confused from time to time , so the experts of Baja Designs are giving us some pointers.. and even so they use cars., its the same concept for the POV of a atv rider..

goofballracer;1567532 said:
Here is the latest from Baja Designs
"Baja Designs Mad Scientist brings the Lab to Las Vegas to explain the science behind properly mounting and aiming lights in ClearView™ Lessons in Lighting.
Scientists of Lighting Alan Roach and Tex Mitchell partner with Ricky Johnson and Menzies Motorsports to eliminate the guesswork of lighting set ups. Baja Designs’ 5 unique Lighting Zones explain where each pattern should be used and placed. Even if you don’t run Baja Designs lights, this video will help you get the most out of your lighting."

and if any one is looking into these lights., I have a line up extremely similar to it...