Important NEW changes in SCORE for quads and motos for 2014

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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
ok guys here are the new changes for handlebar classes, just in case any one is planning on going..

Baja_Seve;1572475 said:
Email from SCORE today:

Hello, handlebar class Racers!

SCORE International is streamlining the Moto and ATV classes for 2014. This is in an effort to make the classes more applicable to current race vehicles and competition.

All classes must run white backgrounds with black numbers (except Ironman)

Open Pro - 401cc and above 1X-49X
Limited Pro- 400cc and below - as delivered from the manufacturer 100X-149X
Ironman Pro - one rider, one bike, any engine size, must run yellow backgrounds with black numbers. 700X-749X
Class 30 - all riders over 30 years old - any engine size 300X-349X
Class 40 - all riders over 40 years old - any engine size 400X-449X
Class 50 - all riders over 50 years old - any engine size 500X-549X
Class 60 - all riders over 60 years old - any engine size 600X-649X
Sportsman Bike- any engine size 200X-299X

Pro Quad- any engine size 1A-49A
Sportsman Quad- any engine size 100A-149A
Thank you!

Brianne Tengwall
SCORE International, LLC
-SCORE finally eliminates dual classes (Cl 22/21, Cl 25/24, Spts </>) which allowed a 450cc motor to be entered in competition with no differentiation.
-Class 22 Moto now known as Open Pro. Just one Pro quad class: Pro Quad.
-SCORE introduces a new Moto Class "Limited Pro" to attract the Euro motors (250-400cc). "As delivered by the manufacturer" precludes taking a current 450cc motor and re-sleeving to 400cc. Would hope to see a growing class of KTM, Beta, Husqvarna, Husaberg, etc. bikes in this new category.
-Pro Ironman class now permanent.
very good changes in my opinion....