Put a hole in my piston. What caused it?

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May 1, 2013
I was going down sand highway 5th gear wide open for about two minutes when it died and blew a healthy load of oil out of the breather. I have melted holes in pistons before but this one doesn't look like those. Any idea what caused this one? I was running VP U4.4 at the time.

I would also like to take the opportunity to switch to a lower compression piston so I can run straight 110 octane race gas. My question on this is, if I buy a 13:1 piston off the shelf will the head being decked .060 make a huge difference on the final compression ratio?

This is what the motor has now.
450 CC,
Falicon Crank,
Billet Rod,
Fully Balanced,
Rage-CP 15.2.1 Piston,
Head Decked .060,
MMAD Epoxy Ported Head,
CV+1 Titanium Valves Intake & Exhaust,
Shortened Valve Guides,
Brileim Seats
Dual Valve Springs With Titanium Retainers,
2mm Buckets,
Hot Cams Stage 2,
Bored 43.5mm Dasa FCR Carb,
Dasa Classic Pipe,
Dyna Ignition,
K&N Filter,

9816dc525bdee0634de86cf2e821f2a7.jpg d21bba8a79f433c6a4dba6a709699360.jpg