2006 parts

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limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
Hey guys I have some parts Im gunna sell. Just have to get my Paypal verified and finish up my new bank account tomorrow. (didn't have time to get it all signed today) I have a few parts that Im going to be selling so if you see something you like let me know. Make me offers on it. Gunna sell it a bit cheaper because I know shipping is going to eat up a lot of the cost. So send me your best offer not including shipping. And please remember that shipping is going to take a little while since I am in Canada.
-center case 06+
-stock jets 06
-stator cover 06+
-stock CDI 06+
-stock header 06+
-radiator guard 06+
-heat shield (in between gas tank and engine)06+
-stock Honda clutch cover 06+
-water pump cover 06+
-2 sets of timing chain guides 06+

Just let me know if you want anything stated above. Just send me a PM on here and we'll talk. I will post once my PayPal is verified, and then I will start selling things. Should be good to go as of March 13th. Thanks
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Lifetime Member
Apr 27, 2012
Yah I saw that on the 06 I have in my shop a few days ago, I never knew that before..

Think an 06+ would fit an 05? or are the points on the fenders different?


limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
should be all ready to go guys. They haven't deposited the two amounts into my account yet (march 12th) so its not activated to my bank account but the money can still sit in my paypal account for now. So if you need anything just ask...