Help!!! Please!!!

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Mar 12, 2014
Ok we we're riding in these like coal field place no bigger then a football field.
I have a open air box. And the case is cracked so it leaks oil but we're pretty good about keeping oil in it. Been like this for 3yrs but my question is.

I was heading back and it died like it ran out of gas. So I started it and it started. Went 10ft died again. Tried to kick start it again and after 10-15 it made a really loud pop! And still does if u try. It's bored 70 over. Just replaced the cam, and the shims. Need help! Please also has lost a lot of compression


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Apr 18, 2012
tear the top end down & see what the damage is.

what do you mean by bored 70 over?... what size is your piston?
Mar 28, 2014
Im guessing bad valve. Unfortunately. I bet it takes 3 kicks to build compression then you get a backfire on the fourth?
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