blackout's first gen build...

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limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
Here's what I just picked up for $400, plus a 4 hour drive... Not a lot there but its got potential
As lots of you may know I was originally going to find an old 250r, but once this deal came up I had to snatch it... anyways back to the point.. Here's the build list that is hopefully going to be done by the end of summer...
-new left crankcase
-new updated OEM crank (not going to balance it)
-Hi comp CP or JE piston
-RE ported head with +1 valves
-scendrum bored carb...Just gunna use a stock 04/05 I think
-CFM airbox with UNI
-Everything will get new gaskets, o rings, bearings, seals etc. throughout the motor
-Flex bars
-extended steering stem...I have a stocker so I might piss around with it at the fab shop
-Standard travel shocks, redone by dirtworks or I may get one of those triple rate conversion kits off of EBay and be the Ginny pig and try em' out
-+ 2 a arms and rear G-force axle with anti fade lock nut
-06 rear end...already have the swinger bolted up, waiting for a link and rear shock to come in
-white and purple color scheme on this build, white mainframe, purple sub frame and swing arm, with some other colors added elsewhere.
-Going to try get me some newer white plastics when I get a chance and do a purple hood with it too
-AC nerfs, bumper
-pro armor grab bar
-some sort of white and purple bead locks wrapped in a set of Interco 22 inch swamp lites in the rear and a set of GBC (razr 2 looking things) on the front...
-For lighting Im gunna get one of those lights off of Mamito I think
Its going to be my trail quad and the trails can get pretty nasty in some spots. Like I said I'm hoping to have it done by summer. All my work is going into this right now Because I am in desperate need of a trail bike. below are some pics of how it looks after tonight.. I'm hoping for a little over 50 hp so we'll see what happens.. Thanks.



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limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
Sorry for the sideways pics. Anyways Im outa here for a little while so Ill talk to you guys when I get back. Post what you think or what youd like to see. Sorry if I don't respond for a couple weeks. internets gunna be down and haven't found a new provider and they all take so long to book me in...anyways later guys...

El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
good luck bro .. I like everything except the hot rod crank. and the high comp piston..

but again my racing is diferent than yours..

keep us posted..


limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
bump, pulling the motor this weekend and going to start polishing cases. Getting that frame blasted and making some custom gussets for it aswell. Ill post pics once the tear down is in progress..


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Apr 27, 2012
Noooooooo I've been planning a purple and white build for a while haha

2 quick things;
1 - Cant bore your stock carb like you can an FCR (I found my FCR on thumpertalk from a CRF250 for 100bucks and Matt @ Dynomite charged $100 to bore it)
2 - I'm running the HR+3 but I had it balanced (oem bearings as well) Crankworx took two months to do the work and charged me $400, just an FYI if your interested

Looks good I'm tuned in for updates !


limiter lover
Jun 10, 2013
i changed it to flat black, and purple. And Damn, I just sold my FCR that I had. So ill hold off on that idea for a while...and there Is a guy buy me who balances out cranks so hopefully the turn around time is better. My other option is buying one of those pre balanced stroker/big bore kits...just don't know if I feel like spending that much, nor feel like going that big. I have no need for a 500cc+ trail quad.. thanks for the info chronic


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Apr 27, 2012
I photoshopped these about 2 years ago.. Just waiting on the ambition to do it, which I may have now that I've got my own PC gun :D DSC_0866.jpg photo3-12.jpg