San Felipe get together, summer 2015

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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
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Apr 11, 2012
ok guys imposting this again... since its a whole year in the making... im sure we can make it happen..

this is the place

the house is rigth on a great spot,. not that many cars and not that many poeple wandering around looking at our quads.. dunes rigth in front of the house for the kids.. and beach really close for the family.

im guessing the price would be around 300 for a week per person. and like 400 for a family. im trying to include the food.. if not would be like 200 per person and 300 for family(no more than 5)

i guessing the june date for the baja 500 so we can go and prerunn part of the course..

heres the location of the House i can get...


im trying to make this trip for all the out of country guys, like the Canadians and all the east coast guys, that im sure they havent been to Baja before.. we have a lil over a year to save so we can have a good time,

so whos interested?? any questions please post them here and spread the word...
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Jun 10, 2013
Im interested in going. Big shout out to Mamito for putting this all together. I know its a lot of work and thought that goes into thanks again man...lets make it happen!!