What weight oil do you use in you 450r?

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Active Member
Apr 1, 2014
I have a pretty sweet thing going for now, when I bought my new 450r I also purchased a service contract. The contract says unlimited oil changes for three years. They give me the supplies to take home and do the work myself as I prefer it that way. I get two quarts of honda 10w40 and filter and crush washers plus 1 quart of transmission oil. I get these supplies twice a week whether I need them or not, I figure I paid for them so why not get my moneys worth, not my fault they said "unlimited".

I got to thinking a little. For how hot these 450's seem to run is 10w40 adequate? Do you guys run heavier oil?

Thank you for reading.



Thrown Stones
May 1, 2012
That weight is fine. I run the Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-40. Hot ass S. Florida, no problems. Do you mean twice a month? Twice a week is a lot of oil!


Active Member
Apr 1, 2014
Thanks for the fast reply. LOL Yep twice a week. I go pick up my free supplies on Tuesday and Friday. I live on 800 acres if that helps to explain my frequent oil changes LOL.