new build. few questions. any help appreciated

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Mar 9, 2015
Hey all, I picked up an 07 450er and its my first Honda. It's bone stock. It ran good but I wanted one to build up so I tore it apart and wanted to build it up as time permitted. Right now my head is out being ported and polished and my cylinder honed and I'm putting in hot cams stage 2 cam and JE 12.5:1 piston. I have a new Dasa full exhaust to go on it and a uni filter with open air box. The bottum end was all well within tollerance and looked really good so I didn't touch it except for a new clutch. My question is, do you guys have any other suggestions as far as maybe the carb or intake? Seems most people like the stock intake over aftermarket and fcr carbs have treated me well in the past but not sure how well these perform with mods. Also is there a jet kit you guys would recommend and maybe some baseline jetting for this setup? Thanks in advance!


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Apr 18, 2012
nothing wrong with the stock carb & intake, but you may want to get the Dasa ring & filter.

Suspension should definitely be a priority... when I bought mine I did some engine work first and left the stock suspension in place and I was unable to get much benefit from my newfound power.

I'd start with a 165 main, 45 pilot, & an NCVQ needle in the middle position.

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Apr 11, 2012
send the carb to SREDRUM, the best in the business.

I'm changing me shipping policy for 2014. Thats the only change. I ask you contact me first and if I can machine your carb or throttle body. I will give you my shipping address.

Business has picked up over the years now and is at a point I can no longer keep up with demand. Its not fair to you the customer to wait for my long turnaround. And has been very stressful to me. I need to reduce the amount of time I work and enjoy life.

So even if I machined your carb or TB in the past. And you have my address. Please don't mail it to me without contacting me first. Even if your not in a hurry for it back. Thanks

My phone number is 419 618 5982 Please if possible txt me first. If you need to leave a voicemail. I have done my best to return calls but there's been days I have received 15 to 20 voicemails. Theres no way possible I can return that many calls. I will do the best I can and theres nothing left after that.

I also intend to update photos and list new TB's I machine. Like the newer RZR TB's. So I'll update this as time allows.

Services and prices for carbs

Bored FCR's 41mm,41.5mm,42mm and 42.5mm 150.00 shipped

FCR bored to 43mm 200.00 shipped

FCR bored to 43.5mm 230.00 shipped

FCR bored to 44mm 250.00 shipped

I offer taper bore,straight bore and hybrid FCR's. Also I offer other custom services. Good examples would be removing the TPS/TORS box on YFZ FCR's and installing a cable to control the idle speed. Lite throttle return springs,reworking the squirter circuits for better throttle response and installing Rat Stacks or NOSS Adapators as well. I install adaptors on FCR's and they can be glued on or set screwed on.
get in touch with Troy from ROBL Engineering at 717-725--8119 and get his new intake, the newest on the market for TRX.

suspension send it to Bart will take care of everything..

any other questions, feel free to ask ..