Pic of the Month Contest

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Apr 12, 2012
I know Quad of the Month contests seem to be pretty popular and standard and I like to see some of the sweet rides people build, but we all know you gotta spend the $$$$ to get the :gr_cool:.

If this site decides to start doing some monthly contests (no prize needed), I personally suggest a Pic of the Month contest. Everyone would have basically equal chance to compete legitimately and have a possibility of winning. Depending on the amount of entries, the mods would probably have to pick a top 10 which would then be voted on by forum members.

Base Rules?:

  • Must have a 450 quad as the main subject (hence the forum name).
  • 1 picture submission per member, per month (cut down on picture spam).
  • No pictures taken from other media, must be someone you know or your work.
  • No profane gestures, nudity, etc. (the standard content rules).
  • Bikini babes encouraged.

Just an idea.
We will be doing one of those. We are waiting to gain more members before we start raffles or contests. This way the sponsors are getting their moneys worth on a raffle.

We have a lot of eager excited sponsors that have came on board with us.