2007 TRX450 Dyno run at Dynomite Performance

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I picked this quad up in December with the intention of building it up for myself. My wife rides and road this bike and wanted it. So it was perfect powerwise for her so I decided to leave it for her and we ran it on the Dyno.

This bike had all the work done. I would have pulled it all apart when I got it as I would do a lot of modding to make it mine. however for her it has all the power she will ever need. So until it needs maintenance, it will not be pulled down.

i called up Matt over Dynomite Performance and set up a time to run it. Made a few runs and heres what we got. Jetting was a little lean. Was going to leave it for a rebuild but since it is now her bike ill dial it in a bit more. Probably switch it over to E85 over the summer.

The mods are as followed.

2007 TRX450
Dasa intake
Dasa Exhaust
100mm Athena Kit Venom 12.25:1 piston 490cc
Hot Cams Stage 3

End results were 48.06 HP and 32.59 Torque