Hassayampa river wash drags

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Apr 10, 2012
bfast - it is dusty out there and thats the biggest downfall, but its close and its sand lol. dustin, missed you man there were quite a few fast banshees out this time that would of been a good run for you. I handled the 4 stroke's pretty well this time ;)
That wheelie pic was a fluke. I had my go pro and my phone. I set up to get going with my phone and there is a two second delay after the button is pushed. So as they are revved up to take off I snap a pic. This one took later then planned and the wheelie pic came out LOL pure chance.

On a side note no riding video with the go pro. Every time I use it the first ride it seems to record fine. After a bit of riding and recording it stops after a minute and no video. I though it was a heat thing. Def not just a heat thing as I got home left it sealed and recorded 5 15+ minute videos back to back. So it is a heat/viberation thing.only effected once hot.