i need info and advise on TRX700XX 2008,

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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
ok guys my buddy is getting a 700xx 2008. i need to know everything that we should know about this model. i have some info on the other forum but as ussual BS damage the tread so guys send you input thanks

El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
heres the most relevant info that i got from the dark side..

It's not built to compete with the Raptor, so it's hard to compare the two.
As mentioned, everyone gets hung up on the weight, but at 508 lbs, WET, it really ain't too bad. If you are looking for a fun, torquey, and comfortable trail machine the TRX700XX will fit the bill perfectly. Some have complained that the IRS isn't easy to control or slide but that is not completely true. If you adjust your riding and get to know the machine you can slide it. Just like my Rincon, I have used it on a few trail rides with other guys that were riding 400EXs and Raptors, and I had NO problem keeping up and sometimes wished they would of been going faster, but that's because I drive it properly to take advantage of the IRS. Same goes for the 700. It is a torquer, but it does fall flat fairly early so you can't wind it out like a 450. If you stay in the meat of the curve it will pull through corners nicely.
As far as handling, it's pretty good. It understeers a fair amount in tight corners and the stem height and handlebar bend get in the way of getting off the seat and on the inside of the machine for better handling, but after new bars and maybe a stem it won't be a problem. It jumps surprisingly easy, and it seems to "jump" off of jumps. It's kind weird, drive it and a 450 off the same jump at the same speed and the 700 just seems to jump higher and further, I can only attribute that to the way it's sprung.
All in all it's a good machine. Seems to be reliable and good build quality. The only big drawback to it is the rear 11" rim size, but throw a set of properly back-spaced 10" wheels on there and it is much easier to find tires.
I'm sure Doug will chime in on this thread too, he has some good insight on the 700s.
what is the IRS? why does it fall flat?

I had one in the garage for a few months while a co-worker was deployed... I didn't ride it a lot, but enough to keep everything lubed up and working. While it was completely stock and hadn't had the sway bars upgraded or anything it was still fairly impressive seeing how Honda likes to choke things up from the factory. I would bet that with a few minor upgrades it would be a tough machine to beat in its intended riding conditions.
And with the 11" rears, I remember hearing about a rear hub swap from a Rancher or Rubicon and it actually takes the bolt pattern from 4x144 to 4x110 so rear rims are easier to find as well
why its choked from the factory? how can i fix it?

I have raced against them in the desert. When they are built , they can be wicked fast, handle great, and take on hardcore terrain because they have mucho ground clearance. Wayne Matlock was in a desert race I was in and I had a good line on the bombrun just about wideopen.... and I could see the dust from him pulling away with ease. Power potential is there.
Its alot like the 450r in that, you will change and upgrade parts until your blue in the face because the stock setup is not great for racing. You will change shocks , a arms, wheels, tires, handlebars, HRC kit/cam, exhaust, ect.......
It will most likely be my next quad I build for XC racing. I will keep my 450 though.
ok so get a HRC kit for it..

i drove one. intake/programmer/exhaust. wasn't too impressed. but of course they can be built to be a monster.
that would be out basic build up..

I have two of them, plan on racing desert with them. I feel they are pretty unimpresive in bone stock form. Engine is just to chocked up, front shocks are horrible, and it does have a push. Good thing is, all these things can be fixed pretty easy. The reason for the push is to much castor. Teixeira Tech makes a upper replacement castor/camber adjustable a-arm, then add new front shocks, even the cheapest set of Elka's would be an improvement. Adding a full exhaust, fuel controller, and removing the airbox lid makes a big improvement to the engine. I would say that stuff is the minimum you would have to do to make one alot more fun to ride.
If you are looking for a good trail bike, I think a 700XX with the above mods would be pretty good. The only time I really notice the extra weight is in sand. Speaking of sand, if you only ride in it, I would pass on a 700XX. You really feel the weight in the sand. I am sure it could be made into a great duner, but you would have to spend a good chunk of change on the motor to make that weight disappear.
I really like the IRS, really smooths stuff out that my 450R just doesn't like, and that is when it was stock, can't wait to ride one with full suspension on it. The only downfall is the 11" rear wheels, there are only a few option for tires, but they are good options. (Maxxis, Kenda) ITP also makes a 10", but it will add 2" to the overall width due to the offset, making the rear of the quad just over 50" wide. Your tires choices will be alot better though, but to me, the 11" tires that are available are just fine.
Overall, I feel it is a decent quad that is much better with a few needed mods.
ok so the firt things are: upper castor a-arm, front shocks, remove the lid, exhaust and fuel controler or program.
what is the IRS??

Yeah, I think you would be alright for moderate trail riding with just the engine mods I discussed. I do think you would enjoy it alot more with at least buying front shocks, the stock ones really are pretty bad. If you try to ride aggressively, the front shocks will let you down. Stock the quad feels a little unbalanced, the rear shocks are not to bad, but the front seems to be just coil carriers, no real valving in the shock at all. Spend $500 on Elka stage 1's and it would an improvement. Spend a little more and buy a good set of adjustable shocks, and it would be a big improvement. The rears can be revalved/resprung, so that is another way to save a little money.
ok so send the rear to Jet and do their magic, can they work on the fronts also?

i rode a couple of the 700xx and there pretty nasty but the irs is just garbage. trie and slide is like tryna slide on flats they dont slide good at all and they roll if u try to hard to slide it a budy of mine and his brother bought 2 of them and wadded them both up tryna see who could do the best power slide and they both race ltr450s. if it was me the only quad that should have irs are 4x4 quads. its just like suzuki trying to put traction control in there new ltrs just junk.
what is the IRS?

Found out that if you shift your weight forward when you go into the turn, the rear tires won't grab as much. Getting tires and rims are an absolute pain though. All in all, I love the bike for what I use it for.
thanks for the tip

Not that bad to change a front sprocket, I can do it in about the same amount of time as my 450R, maybe slightly longer by a minute or two, but not that difficult. I haven't found the 700XX any more difficult to work on then my 450R's. Haven't really put enough hours on either one of mine to really have any wear and tear, but I know lots of people that have ALOT of hours on theirs, hold up just as well as a 450R.
For sure takes a different riding style then a 450R. The IRS is really nice though. I think jimmy450r said it, nice quad for us older guys!
so what front sprocket would you guys reccomend? what is the stock one?


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Apr 8, 2012
IRS= Independent Rear Suspension. Stock front is a 14T and stock rear is a 37T. Stock compression 10:1. Found nothing about an HRC kit for the 700xx though.