450rHQ's most powerful

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El Mamito USMC

Zorros Racing Team..
Staff member
Apr 11, 2012
Let's get a list going of the most powerful quads on the site. Please use below as a template for posting your info and try if at all possible to back it up with a graph or vid or something!!

mods: (if willing to share)

We'll try and keep a running list of 450rHQ's top performers!
Username: El Mamito USMC
yr/make/model: 2009 ER
hp/tq: 48/30ish... cant remember but it was with stock tires...
mods: Sredrum carb, Venom head, HRC cam, and a few minor things on the side..

pic/vid: http://450rhq.com/showthread.php?108-my-Baja-build-Zorros-Racing
Apr 13, 2012
Username: Cheapfast450r
yr/make/model: 2006ER
hp/tq: 57.6/36.1
mods: st/sb 13.5:1 gen1 RE head, webb cam, demon off pipe, 43.5 hybrid carb stock orginal tranny.

this is on a stingy dyno also the tires used to dyno where heavy and big so that didn't help any. this build has alot more in it. i'm just not good enough to get it out. but it rocks around here. best time at drags 4.57 in 300', not bad for a nobody assembler(me). Thanks Races Edge for the great work and service!