2005 Honda TRX450 "Vegas" Build

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This is my 2005 TRX I bought a few years ago and built and eventually sold. I think it turned out great.

I was able to pick this ATV up for $1600. THe motor was blown an torn apart in a million pieces. I looked everything over and the tranny was fine but the crank, and top end would have to be replaced. The cylinder was even fine just needed a hone.
I talked with a buddy who builds CRF450s for a race team who also happens to work at Dasa. SO his knowledge on what I should do was good to have.
THe quad had an Ishock front end with A arms which is not something I would purchase to put on it if I was going to do a front end but I will be leaving it for the simple fact that it is on there. It also came with an FMF Full Factory 4 Ti exhaust with Power bomb header. I am selling this as I will be replacing the exhaust. It also had some nerf bars, swingarm skid and Pro Taper bars.

I am sure there are things I am not doing the way some of you would and am always open for ideas, opinions, and things that you would not do. Im open to everything.

The first misison in order was to get the motor back up and running. This ATV will see the dunes during dune season and make some runs out to the desert quite often as well. I want to build a little more power out of this quad but not over do it. The crank is being replaced with an OEM crank and all bearings and seals in the motor will be replaced as well. THe Piston is I beileve a 12.8:1 or 12.9 I cannot remember which. The Cam will be a Web Cam I believe is what they will be putting in it as well as valves and valve springs made of TI. The stock 04-05 Carb is junk and I have a 09 CRF carb being bored out by Dasa and will be backed by a Dasa intake. The Head will have a port job being finished off with a Dasa full exhaust.

While the motor was already out I decided I will be powdercoating the frame black. I am going to leave the swingarm silver and when I do bumpers and new nerfs they will be black as well. I am going to powder coat the hubs a flame red and run black wheels with white plastic and do custom graphics for my buddies race team. I was originally going to leave the factory headlight but I want to ditch the handlebar controls so I will throw that away and run some billet lights.
Correct me if I am wrong but getting rid of my factory headlight on my 05 will allow me to run newer white factory plastics.

Today I decided to strip the quad down to drop the frame off at the powder coaters tomorrow morning. I am glad I did this because I found all the interesting idiotic stuff that the previous owner did not do. Considering the motor had problems due to oil issues I am not surprised of what I found.

While disassembling the quad I found many things not oiled, tightened properly, lock tighted for no reason and well just plain idiotic crap.
The front bushings on the Ishock A-arms were not greased so they were rusted. DO not ask me how in this weather we have out here. We dont get water. LOL. The front bumper was locktighted with RED lock tight. once again, why? The shock bolts were not tightened all the way and were lock tighted a few turns shy of bottoming out so the bold actually had back and forth play in it. One of the brake ferrels was cross threaded when put on causing this to need to be replaced.

I will be running ASV foldable levers on the bars with the built in hot start switch on the Clutch side. I am going to be looking for a write up on how to by pass all the wiring on the wire harness and to just run a push button style kill switch. I will probably eliminate the key as well.
I am going to go to newer white plastic with a nice vented hood. I have seen a couple different ones but unsure of which one I like. Ill be searching through our classifieds to help a few of you out.
Since disassembling I will probably also replace the steering stem as well.

The time frame on this build will have me completed hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I am dropping the frame and subframe off at the powdercoaters tomorrow morning.
PIcked up my front 21" sand stars mounted on 10" Black C series wheels last night. Total price $100 BRAND NEW!!!!

Picked up my front Sand wheels and Sand tires last night.

$300 set up for $100 bucks. BRAND NEW never mounted. They are a little dusty but some polish will fix that.

I will be ordering the matching rear set from a site vendor shortly.

Paul from Woodward had my matching rear wheels. THANKS Paul....
My Frame was delayed at powdercoat till tomorrow as is my plastics. Ill get both tomorrow to get on things.

I did however get the Hood I purchased from Fourwerx ( chino886)

Heres pics of the hood

Actually started going through the engine bin that came with the quad I purchased. LOL It was a mess and in every imaginable piece.

Here are some pics I took while rebuilding it. Head dissasembled and ready to go off and be CNC ported at Dasa.


10am the UPS man drops off the matching rear rims to my fronts. Mounted the paddles and took a pic

in a surprise call today the frame was done at powdercoat and I went to go pick it up.

Of course once picked up all other plans for the day were canceled and I decided to get this Quad rolling again.

I have decided to stop abotu right here. Get the motor finished built and get it in the quad before mounting the plastics. I am looking to get rid of the entire headlight assembly and will have to figure out what all it involves.

Motor parts should be back Thursday from Dasa and hopefully by Saturday I can be riding......

Got my white plastic on Thursday as well as got my quad a little further before we had to stop. I thought for sure we would be done by Saturday night until we came upon a little snag. We had assembled the bottom end and slid the motor into the frame. We started to assemble the top end and of the 4 valve stem seals one was packaged wrong by honda and was not for the TRX. same part number, wrong seal. I am picking up the some this morning and she should be running by this evening. Ill get a few sound files and vids up shortly.

I did however spend all day yesterday in the dunes on a bone stock TRX450. how boring.. LOL