Dune Tires ?

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May 6, 2012
I loved my 8pdl edges when I had them. I believe they were 20x10x8's might have been 21's. they don't hook as well as Haulers but like someone said they're great for power slides! And being buffed tires they're lighter than any molded paddles. I wouldn't go any bigger than a 9" rim too for better floatation and less chance of bending a rim on jumps.

I'm going from 10" + Sand Stars to 8" + Extreme Haulers. Cant wait to see if there is a difference

Amandas Z400 would get its ass handed to it by her friend on her KFX700 while she was running sand stars. When we put extremes on her Z400 not only could she beat her friend, she could pull away from her. It made all the difference in the world. Pulled hills better, road better, everything. Gave her tons more confidence.