Stickers and shirts

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I swear every logo/sticker designer is a pot head that gets nothing done. Aside from paying super big bucks somewhere they all work out of their house and are not very efficiant. It's getting done though


Active Member
Apr 16, 2012
hey easy on the potheads ha ha :smokin:. did you try to contact the guy that did it for the ORG? i'll send him a PM @ the org if you want me to.
have a few ideas Ill be running by everyone for a logo shortly. The guy i found who is reliable was very busy... go figure LOL


Site Owner
Staff member
Dec 29, 2012
I am looking into this. I have a reputable t-shirt maker that I use for other sites and I am talking to her about designing the screen print for me. I'll keep everyone updated with the progress.


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Apr 11, 2012
I have about a 100 in red and a 100 in white I had made when I was running this site. Alot of personal issues came, but all is good now. I posted in the other thread about these..