Like button for peoples posts

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Apr 24, 2012
I saw a site like yahoo or something had a Like button for peoples posts. Say I give some good advice (which rarely happens since I'm from Canada) you hit like on my post and then everyone can see under my username that I have so many likes per so many posts.

I thought it was a good idea. That way people don't judge by post count they can actually judge their feedback.

So when 450HQ says to pull the drainplug on your carb to get more power and hes got 1 like per 1000 posts, and PhantomZ says to put more stickers on and he's got 1000 likes per 1000 posts.. you're gonna put more stickers on your quad..

Phantom Z

Hey where's my thanks for setting you guys straight on the real mods to get you more power? Stickers for the WIN!!! :icon_lol:

On track with the thread, I know it seems weird sometimes to "thank" a person for a good post but just think of it as the same thing as a "like" button :thumb: