Building the MX bike

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TP Racing

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Apr 10, 2012
All the good stuff

titanium bolts all around
pro armor bumper
pro armor grab bar
pro armor revolution nerf bars
lowered subframe
htmoto seat cover
carbon fiber
gusset the frame
pc everything
Factory backing graphics

race tech shocks
hiper wheels
maxxie tires
+3 lsr a arms
+3 lsr axle
lsr barring carrier
Lsr anti fade
Lsr +1 Stem
six5design swing arm, and linkage
precision pro steering stabilizer
persicion bar clamps
renthal 1 1/8 hi bend bars
pro design kill switch
asv shorty levers
odi grips

This isn't necessarily going to be fast but, I am hoping to either have it done this month or next! I don't have much left to get it just takes some time to get the money to get it. Keep posted guys cuz when its done it gonna be sick!

TP Racing

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Apr 10, 2012
IMG_0346.jpg IMG_0347.jpg IMG_0348.jpg IMG_0349.jpg IMG_0350.jpg

Put some stuff together today to just see what its gonna look like. Stem is gonna be powdered the same color as sub frame and what not..Maybe not the best pics but its what I got

And I am using TI bolts,,,so thats what you see there


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Apr 24, 2012
I see where your going with this now. This is gonna be unreal man. Great job so far it's got me glued!


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Apr 9, 2012
No Demon is stuck fixing a broken motor that UPS dropped.

From this point forward, I would really appreciate everyone stay out of this transaction between Demon Industries and Alec Popp. Thanks for your cooperation.