Precious on the Dyno

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Troll Slayer
Lifetime Member
Apr 18, 2012
Here are a few of the runs that went down at Dynomite Performance ATV this afternoon

08 TRX450ER
04/05 HRC cam
K&N stock replacement, no lid
42.5 FCR
HRC/motoworks exhaust
nuckinfuts porting / stock valves
stock piston
91 octane
Green Wire cut

next we (by we I mean Matt) put in a 13.5:1 CP & tuned for E-85

next came a dasa intake

and Finally I borrowed a Dasa pipe from Deven (450rHQ)

All these stages on 1 graph

There was one run that hit 51.93 but does that really count when there are 3 back to back at 51.5x?

I know one thing... I am getting a Dasa pipe

Thanks to everyone that I have bought parts off of, and especially to Dustin & Matt for all the work you have done to get me this far.


Troll Slayer
Lifetime Member
Apr 18, 2012
Yeah it was a lot of fun to see exactly how much each mod did for the bike. Next stop 55/35