axle removal / instalation

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Apr 12, 2012
here are the steps I did to remove and install my new extended axle

1. I loosened the large nut first with a big cresent wrench. Standing at the back of the quad turn the wrench down. sometimes these are tight as fuck, might need a little heat or a cheater bar. Mine was easy but most are a bitch

2. then loosened the smaller nut until I could see the clip on the axle, had to tap the whole nut assembly in toward the swingarm to expose the clip, then popped the clip off with a screwdriver

at this point i jacked the quad up in the air, the front of the quad needs to be supported because when you remove the axle the balance point changes and the quad wants to tip forward, I used a jack stand

3.removed the brake caliper. this bolt did not do it had to remove the 2 bolts below this one to get the caliper assy out of the way

4. slide the disk off

5. loosen the chain tensioner, and remove the rear sprocket

6. slide the axle out

7. I cleaned the old grease out with a rag, at this point I probably should have taken the carrier out and cleaned, lubed and reinstalled it but I did not. I put new grease inside the bearing and on the seals and greased the new axle



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Apr 12, 2012
8. side the axle in, the sprocket hub goes into the seal so it needs to be lubed, and you might have to tap it in with a deadblow hammer to seat it into the seal

9. lube the inside of the brake hub make sure you did not lose the o-ring that goes inside, lube the o-ring, lube the outside where it slides into the swingarm seal, and slide it in


10. re install the stock retaining nut or a aftermarket one like the dura-blue one I bought, put antisieze on the threads of aftermarket ones since they are steel and aluminum, anytime steel threads go into aluminum use anti sieze

11. reinstall the clip and tighten to torque specs, here is where the trouble starts for me, dura blue says at least 1/2" threads inside nut when tight, not gonna work I am going to have to fab a washer next week at work, sometimes aftermarket stuff needs a little extra to work right, says on thier web site to fab a washer, don't know why they do not make it right cannot be that much varation in bikes, anyway here is waht it looks like

Good luck. And thanks to Todd at Immortal for the deal on the Tusk axle and the durablue nut that needs help:thumb:


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Apr 11, 2012
Thanks for taking the time to do the how-to! Should help a lot of guys that have trouble with removing the rear axle, and hopefully helps people understand which way to turn the nuts to loosen them!


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Apr 12, 2012
Since I have to fab up a washer at work next week I decided to remove the carrier and clean it up. Probably a good idea since the O-rings were falling apart and it had some dirt and sand in it, and as I have read next to no grease, so now I am heading over to Motoworld here in Elcajon to see if they are open on Sundays and see if they have the o-rings in stock. :gr_driving3:

trashed O-rings

All cleaned up



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Apr 16, 2012
Awesome post for those that haven't done this before I know I spent an hour trying to figure out why the nuts wouldn't cone off the first time I took apart the axle ha ha oops


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Apr 24, 2012
What do you guys use to hold the axle? I've been taking the wheel off and grabbing the hub but now they are powdered and I don't really wanna touch em next time.


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Apr 10, 2012
just like people like me looking for a cresent wrench at the last minute one needs to open up over 1 3/4 in. and the other needs to open up over 2 1/4 in. so you dont have to buy the wrong one like i did. i didnt take the time to measure the nut before i left the house.. might help


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Apr 10, 2012
Well, i just finished installing my shocks! Now I'm in the middle of installing my axle / carrier. I just realized i do not have any dust seal or orings.... yikes! I stopped the installation process to ask some questions here.

The rear caliper stay needs an o ring that's for sure, also i'll need a new seal bearing holder. The new lsr carrier did not come with a dust seal or extra o rings. Do i need one? From looking at my pics, it seems water, dust, dirt, sand could get into the carrier and fuck it up. Or is it the dust seal already built in into the carrier and the big bolt/nut and brake disc bolt go in snug to keep dirt out?

What seals / dust seal / orings do i need!? (i want everything redone right) So looking at the swingarm schematic on RMATV... is item number 32, the right one for inside the caliper stay? Do i need item #36?

I think that's all i'm seeing. Any advices/inputs would be appreciated.

Thank you! Sorry for lots of questions haha, just want to do it right first time around.


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Apr 12, 2012
when I did mine i got item 32, 2 of item 33, and item 36, had to order them and it took a couple of days, item 32 was the most dificult to figure out how it went, the oring seemed too big but i got it to work