Tire wet foam

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Active Member
Apr 10, 2012
Well i decided i would clean up my plastics and figured what the hell, so i sprayed down all my plastics with it let it sit for a couple minutes then wiped it down and holy cow the suckers shine like crazy now. Ill post some pics later but i was reallysuprised with how it worked. I was a little worried about it taking any decals off but not any more now. I know most guys just use the maxxis clear coat but i'm all out so i figured id give it a try and Bam she shines.:smokin:


Troll Slayer
Lifetime Member
Apr 18, 2012
Does it leave any sort of residue?... looks great but if it leaves a little film to attract dust like armor all, I wouldn't want to use it... although it could just wipe off