Cylinder Head Shootout (circa 2007-ish?)

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Apr 12, 2012
Figure'd I would post this up for shiz and giggles. This was a dyno test done by Corey on the old ATV web site...his SN was #8TRX450R I believe. I THINK this test was conducted back in 2007...or there abouts.

This was a cylinder head swap test only...the ONLY thing changed between all these runs was just a cylinder head. All of the heads had "Recreational" porting...not Race or Pro (dunno if any of them had epoxy in them or not).

The test bike was a 2005 TRX450R - stock bore/stroke/carb.

If I recall correctly, the mods on the test bike were:
- 13:1 piston
- intake ring (sparks I think?)
- hot cams stage 2
- dasa classic

The heads tested were:
- Stock
- Venom
- Baldwin
- Sparks
- Rage

Take these results with a grain of salt. I'm sure everyone's porting techniques have improved greatly over the years and if this was done more recently...the results might be different! Again, I didn't conduct this test...just posting for info and discussion only because I had saved the graphs from way back then.