Shorai Replacement battery fitment

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After a bad morning of two bikes batteries taking a crap on the same ride 5 minutes apart I decided to upgrade the battery. I very rarely replace with a stock or like part so I wanted to upgrade to a better battery.

After looking around for batteries I found the Shorai and the Evo2 are two batteries priced well and are Lithium Ion batteies. Much better then the stock or a gell battery. and also lighter...... MUCH lighter.

After looking at both the size of the EVO2 in the stock place looked like it could be a pain as well as the center battery terminal mounting. Also some pics looked like they were offest which would require you to flip the battery around as positive polarity was on the left side.

I went with the Shorai lithium battery. I feel I made a great choice. The battery only weighs 1.8 lbs compared to a stocker that weighs 5.7. The gell battery I had weighed 5.3 lbs.

THe battery comes prepackaged with TONS of foam pieces to fill in the gaps and spaces. It only takes 4 pieces as you will see in the pics to make this a nice snug fit. The foam comes in a variety of thicknesses as well so trimming is minimized to length and width.

Even the battery nuts have a foam backing to take up the space. If you have installed a battery you know what I mean.

Heres the pics.....

Oh, and the bike cranked over in less then half a crank right out of the box... VERY happy I went with this battery.

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Apr 11, 2012
This thing is sweet! Has ~210 cranking amps to really kick that over quick. One thing with the lithium batteries is that you can't let them drop voltage or run dead. They'll last a long long time if kept at full charge. A trickle charger is a good idea.


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Apr 20, 2012
Best thing to do is to relocate the battery to under the seat. Cfm performance makes a battery airbox and you can get one custom fit for the shorai. if you do make sure you plasti dip it to prevent any type of shorting