oil filters??

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Apr 24, 2012
I personally wouldn't. But there's both sides. Yeah you can clean it but take anyone with a k&n air filter on their quad and tell me they haven't gone out and bought a replacement air filter.

Then there is the argument that you save a ton of money. Yes you do.

I used to pay 20 bucks for a Honda oil filter at the dealer. Then I got the part number for the k&n filter off their site and went to a k&n dealer. It was an automotive retailer so I got them to call k&n and get the cost and retail so that they could create the non-automotive part number in their system.

Cost on the oil filters was something like $2.00. Retail was Way higher but can't remember. So I told the retailer that if they gave me 24 for $100.00 I'd take em. Now I have a tool box with one drawer dedicated to my quads oil filters.

What im sayin is go get yourself a package deal on some k&n oil filters and ditch the reusable idea.


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Apr 29, 2012
I haven't tried a reuseable. I usually just order 10 or so when I place a rocky mountain order, the last few times I have forgot to order and had to go buy one from the stealership so I was curious if anyone had negative first hand experience with the reuseable filters. I think ill stick with disposeable, but was curious


i use the hi flo ones on ebay. my local shop has them as well, he sells them for $4 a piece. My last order was 10 on ebay for 34.99. Been running the hi flo's in my quads for years with no ill effects.