Wiring Info TPS v's CTPDS (06+ only)

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Apr 9, 2012
I was going to do something similar for another site a while back, then came across these on another forum. All have been copied with the originators permission. Very grateful thanks to DnB Racing who took the time to do a great job.

TPS is on all years TRX450R/ER, CTPDS and TPS are on 06+ only.

Note TPS and CTPDS are completely separate circuits (both are carb slide / ICM related but they do not interact in any way) TPS will NOT stop the bike starting. CTPDS CAN stop the bike starting / running.

Here is Dnb's pictorial explanation of the CTPDS (which he terms TORS, which I think is Yammi term.. but it's the same thing)

And here's my little contribution in words..

TPS (Throttle position sensor) and CTPDS (Closed Throttle Position Detection System) are two differnt things.
All years have TPS (thats the black round cover on top LHS of carb where the wires come out)..which feeds the throttle position back to the ICM ..which then does it's pre-programmed magic and adjusts timing for supposedly optimal performance...many say when disconnected there is no difference...so possibly the magic is minimal! But TPS doesn't stop the bike running!

CTPDS is a safety system (on 06+ only) which consists of two switches..one on throttle (on bars) and one inside carb (Just above where throttle cable goes in) if the ICM see's the thottle switch closed (throttle shut) but the carb switch closed (throttle drum open) it kills the ignition at the ICM..shutting off the bike (because it thinks slide is stuck). To override this (also to fit a twist throttle) just short out the switch (at the plug under hood) that way the ICM always thinks the throttle is open and doesn't care where the throttle drum is (carb side).

Mines shorted under hood (green centre plug with link in it!)