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Active Member
Apr 11, 2012
I didn't know you could do that with Tapatalk. I'll have to check it out. I have just been holding out since the app is $3. . . . . .


Staff member
Apr 28, 2012
It's a one time fee.. $2.99 I think. The forums I use are in it so its not a bad investment. Especially if you sell stuff or just upload a bunch of pics...


mmhmm bacon!
Apr 10, 2012
Is this forum also android friendly? I tried to get on this site with my cell, and it failed to load. I had to download google play or some crap and it still didnt do it.


Site Owner
Staff member
Dec 29, 2012
Yes this forum has a default mobile app that will automatically load if on android or iphone.

That is the reason tapatalk doesn't work. I disabled it when I installed the new app.

If you are having problems it could be that the old scripts are still trying to load on your device. You don't need an app. Your device should be detected and the new mobile app loaded.


Staff member
Apr 28, 2012
Yes but tapatalk let's you upload pictures directly from your phone... The mobile app doesn't.
Tapatalk shouldn't cost anything for you to have on the forum, does it?

I use the full version on my iphone for the most part... It's only when I upload pics that I use the tapatalk.