FCR/XC throttle lever mod

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Apr 17, 2012
First........ I would like to say I'm not taking credit for this. Just posting this for the simple fact plenty of people don't know this and its decent info.

Honda's in general have a pretty decent throttle lever when it comes to ergonomics compared to the other companies. By far the worse would be Yamaha throttle on a YFZ450 with a FCR. Some people do need a little help thou when it comes to applying the throttle regardless if its a handicap or for pure bliss when it comes to racing 2 hours straight in a XC race. And there is a solution for the most part, and it pretty much works on any ATV that runs a FCR carb. Those models include: Honda TRX450R 04/05(NON FCR),TRX450R +06 , 04-08 YFZ450, KTM 450/505/525 SX/XC, Polaris Outlaw with KTM engine.

The magic solution would be a TRX90 throttle lever. It extends about 1/4" longer than any other lever on the OEM market. And yes......... just a simple throttle lever will make the world of difference when trail riding or racing. So what does this magic TRX90 lever do???? Just better ergonomics! Better leverage, and it just so much more natural than the majority on OEM stuff out there. Here is a picture of a 04/05 Honda TRX450R lever(top), 06+ Honda throttle lever(middle), and the TRX90 lever(bottom) Notice the TRX90 lever is longer ;)

Now........ with the exception of the 04-05 TRX450R, all other models will require a 04/05 TRX450R throttle assembly for this TRX90 lever to work. 300EX AND 400EX throttle assembly will also work. And naturally......... so will the entire TRX90 throttle assembly. lol You cannot use a TRX90 lever on a YFZ throttle. Its not gonna happen. TRX90 lever WILL NOT WORK on a Honda 450R +06 models.
Here is a pic of the OEM 04/05 TRX450R throttle without the TRX90 lever.

Now........ here is a pic of the 04/05 TRX450R lever on a KTM 450XC with TRX90 lever.

This is a very cheap mod especially if your a 04/05 Honda guy. And for the FCR guys, it makes that FCR carb a little easier to operate without going into the carb and replacing or modifying the carb spring.